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Congratulations to AGBA listing on Nasdaq!

Welcome to OnePlatform

OnePlatform#, our unique omnichannel one-stop financial business solution platform##, expands business opportunities and enhances business productivity for financial advisors###, licensed brokers and licensed financial institutions. Financial professionals can plug into OnePlatform easily and power up your business instantly. You get everything necessary from client servicing to backend operations support.

Products and services 

Insurance & MPF1
Offering brokerage services covering 1,000+ products with over 50 insurance companies and MPF service providers##

Distributing over 800 fund choices from nearly 40 renowned fund houses##

International Properties4
Providing one-stop sales and purchase and leasing services of international properties in United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia

Loan services3
Providing retail customers with comprehensive loan services including mortgage loan

Our support

Integrated Operational Support
Financial professionals### can plug into OnePlatform# easily and power up your business instantly. You get everything necessary from client servicing to backend operations support to speed-up application and save time on post-sales processes.

OnePortal – Accessing your Information at ease
A one-stop portal to consolidate all relevant information you need for business and provide end-to-end support to our licensed financial advisor###.

Comprehensive Training Solutions
Providing customized programs for distributors###, both in class and digital format, taking care of different experience level (from novice to professional) to maximize the productivity of your team, with eCPD capability for more convenience.

Marketing & Branding Support
Providing support on company/team brand development, self brand building, digital and content marketing and sales leads generation with tools and consultancy.

Our partners

Asset Management

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Wealth Management

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